Is Resorts 360 Just Another MLM? Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

An honest review of Resorts 360 from a person who is tired of MLM’s!

Apparently, you have heard of Resorts 360 and are doing research to assist yourself in the decision making process. Let me applaud your intuitiveness in actually doing your research and not jumping in with both feet! I’m going to keep this short and to the point and give you exactly what you want when you read an article like this, so here we go!


No. Resorts 360 is a product driven company that focuses a lot on the value of the membership, more than the opportunity itself. This is a true sign that this company is putting value for the CUSTOMER FIRST! Why is this important? If you have ever been joined any of “Home Based Business” or “MLM” or “Network Marketing Company”, then you know that there is a lot of hype and “stretched truth” and speculation of income to get you fired up over a horrible or nonexistent product. Then you find out after you’ve convinced your mom, dad, sister, or brother to join with you that the product stinks and is worthless. Believe me, I’ve been there. Good news! You won’t get that with Resorts 360, they are truly product first driven. The bottom line, if the value is there with the product, then the opportunity will follow. So, Resorts 360 is NOT a scam because they have a viable stand alone product.


This is the best part of Resorts 360, the travel packages available are amazing! That was the first thing I checked out when I signed up! They offer studio to 3 bedroom condos starting at only $299 per week! (with nothing over $799 per week!) And that’s just the condos! They also offer Luxury executive homes, All inclusive vacations, cruises, and more! ALL at deep membership discounts! PLUS, they offer an 800# to help you book if you don’t want to be bothered with it! Available from 6am – 10pm 7 days a week. I was very impressed with the pricing and caliber of resorts available! I have compared Resorts 360 with other travel companies including MOR Vacations, Dream Style Vacation Club, and others, and they can’t be beat when it comes down to the pricing and available properties.


The biggest negative of Resorts 360 (if you consider it a negative) is that the founder is extremely cautious. Resorts 360 has been around since January 2009 and has had a slow and steady growth. If you are a heavy hitting networker looking for a quick buck, than you may want to pass over Resorts 360. Resorts 360 has a goal of being a long term program that enables members to earn a substantial income AND enjoy deep discounts in travel! Resorts 360 has taken it’s time rolling out the marketing and slick back office and booking capabilities which is a turn off to some, but I view it as an asset. It means that the focus is on the value of the product and service more so than being flashy and gimmicky. And in my opinion, that is what it’s really about.


Easy, they pay 25% on your first 2 personal sales and 50% on every personal sale thereafter. If you come from a sales background than you can appreciate a 50% commission! That is HUGE!! In addition to that there are also 100% matching bonuses, team overrides, and bonus pools! For a complete overview visit HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

Only $398 for annual membership (renews at $250 per year after that), $1998 for a 5 year membership and $3,998 for a lifetime membership! (Financing is available as well! No credit check required!) If you compare Resorts 360 to a typical timeshare, this is a no brainer!

o NO timeshare presentations
o NO maintenance fees
o NO taxes
o NO payments
o NO blackout dates
o NO limits on how many weeks you can vacation
o NO strict travel dates (flexibility to fit ANY travel schedule)
o NO limit on how many rooms you can book (take the whole family!!

An absolute value!


Great question (glad I asked it)! Resorts 360 has just spent the last several months putting a Marketing system together that is out of this world! It enables you to easily communicate with your team and members easy and efficiently. You will be able to easily track exactly what is going on with your prospects so you know who to call first because it ranks them in order of importance! They have a superb postcard and drop card campaign where you can direct prospects to an 800# that will close the prospect for you! Enabling you to NEVER COLD CALL, NEVER SELL, OR CLOSE your own leads. (I believe this is truly one of the greatest values they offer) Being a mom of 2 I can totally appreciate this, seems that my prospects always call when my 2 year old is throwing a fit!

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